10 Fantasy And Sci-Fi Series Where You’ve Seen the Cast of The Rings of Power

Familiar faces are coming to Middle-earth, however earlier than setting foot in Hobbiton and Minas Tirith, these Elves and rangers appeared in different well-known fantasy worlds. After an nearly eight-year wait, audiences are lastly returning to Middle-earth in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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The extremely anticipated sequence takes place hundreds of years earlier than the occasions of the beloved 2000s movie franchise, however that does not imply there will not be acquainted names and faces. Whether audiences are newcomers to The Lord of the Rings or Silmarillion students, likelihood is they are going to acknowledge numerous The Rings of Power’s denizens from their appearances in different large fantasy and sci-fi franchises.

10 Maxim Baldry And Lenny Henry Had A Date With The Doctor

Maxim Baldry stars as a younger Isildur in The Rings of Power. Isildur is among the present’s many characters that followers might acknowledge fromThe Lord of the Rings movies. However, the Amazon sequence sees Isildur as a younger sailor who remains to be removed from his future of turning into king. Lenny Henry’s character seems completely within the tv present the place he performs Sadoc Burrow, the chief of the Harfoot tribe.

Both Baldry and Henry just lately appeared on the twelfth season of Doctor Who. Baldry, because the historic determine Dr. John Polidori, who encounters the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) when she travels to 1816. Henry performed the extra trendy Daniel Barton, a tech-obsessed CEO who appeared within the two-part “Spyall” particular.

9 His Dark Materials Put Morfydd Clark In Another World

Morfydd Clark stars in The Rings of Power as Galadriel. Clark’s Galadriel is a fierce warrior and never but the serene Elven queen followers are aware of from The Lord of the Rings movie franchise.

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Before touring to Middle-earth, Morfydd appeared within the first season of HBO’s His Dark Material sequence. Morfydd performed Sister Clara, a nurse who helped imprison kids in an ominous Arctic camp. Morfydd has traded in her villainous traits from that present for the pointed ears of The Rings of Power’s Elven protagonist.

8 Ismael Cruz Cordova First Traveled To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Ismael Cruz Cordova could be seen taking part in Arondir in The Rings of Power. Arondir is a noble Elven warrior who has dedicated the taboo of falling in love with a mortal girl.

Cordova could be noticed within the first season of the hit Star Wars sequence The Mandalorian. The actor seems in “Chapter 6: The Prisoner” as Qin, a mercenary jailed on a jail ship. Cordova could also be exhausting to acknowledge, because the character of Qin is a Twi’lek alien, a species characterised by lengthy cranial appendages and purple pores and skin.

Thusitha Jayasundera appeared in seasons two and three of AMC’s synthetic intelligence drama Humans. The sequence came about in a world the place humanoid robots are commonplace, and a few have gained impartial consciousness. Jayasundera portrayed Neha Patel within the sequence, a prosecutor bent on bringing a murderous android to justice.

Jayasundera has traded in robes for fury toes, and she will be able to now be seen on The Rings Of Power as a Harfoot named Malva. Harfoots are one of many early races of Hobbits, and Rings sees them trying to find their future homeland.

6 Cynthia Addai-Robinson Sowed Chaos In The Arrowverse Before Her Rings Reign

Cynthia Addai-Robinson portrays Queen Regent Míriel on Amazon’s The Rings of Power. Míriel is the non permanent ruler of the island kingdom of Númenor, a strong faction in Rings lore. However, her rule is beset with political strife, and Míriel struggles to carry on to energy whereas navigating the scheming factions in her royal court docket.

Before touring to Númenor, Addai-Robinson performed the ruthless Amanda Waller on CW’s Arrow.Amanda Waller, aka Mockingbird, is finest referred to as the spy who assembled the notorious Suicide Squad. Waller, as performed by Addai-Robinson, appeared over a number of seasons of Arrow.

5 Benjamin Walker Wielded Super Powers Before Wearing A Crown

Audiences might acknowledge Benjamin Walker from season three of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Walker appeared as Erik Gelden, a human with empathic powers which he used to focus on and blackmail criminals. Like Jones, Gelden operated in ethical grey areas, and his affiliations typically conflicted.

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In distinction, Walker performs one of many Second Age’s most revered authorities in The Rings of Power. As High King Gil-galad, Walker brings to life the fated Elven ruler bent on in search of out and destroying what stays of the Dark Lord Sauron.

4 Counterpart Had Nazanin Boniadi Seeing Double

Nazanin Boniadi isn’t any stranger to alternate worlds. Boniadi starred in Starz’s Counterpart, a sequence that came about on an Earth that makes contact with a near-identical parallel universe. Boniadi started the sequence pulling double-duty, taking part in two variations of the identical character.

In The Rings of Power,Boniadi could be seen as Bronwyn, a human healer. Bronwyn finds herself torn between two metaphorical worlds when she falls in love with Arondir, an Elf. In addition to her forbidden romance, Bronwyn is a single mom to her son Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin).

3 Charles Edwards First Forged Into The Arctic

Charles Edwards could be seen on The Rings of Power because the Elven ruler and craftsman Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor is among the few Elves who creates an alliance with the Dwarves. His friendship with the Dwarven metallic forgers has highly effective penalties for the way forward for Middle-earth.

Before journeying to Khazad-dûm in Rings, Edwards performed a personality that went on a fateful journey to the Arctic. Edwards featured in AMC’s The Terror, which adopted a bunch of doomed English explorers as they cast into the icy North. Edwards’ character Dr. McDonald is confronted with extra than simply the weather, as monstrous and non secular entities beset the group.

2 Games Of Thrones Claimed Robert Aramayo and Joseph Mawle First

House Stark is coming to Middle-earth! Before starring in The Rings of Power because the youthful model of famed council-holder Elrond, Robert Aramayo performed a unique future king. Fans might acknowledge Aramayo from Westeros, who portrayed a younger Ned Stark in seasons six and 7.RELATED: Every Main Character’s Fate At The End Of Game Of Thrones

Joining him from Game of Thronesis Joseph Mawle, who held the function of the mysterious Benjen Stark, brother to Ned Stark. In The Rings Of Power, Mawle performs one other enigmatic character. Mawle seems as Adar, a fallen Elf who instructions a big orc military.

1 Peter Mullan Was King Of Westworld

Peter Mullan is a veteran actor with many iconic performances underneath his belt. In The Rings of Power, he seems because the legendary Dwarven King Durin III, wielder of one of many titular rings of energy.

Eagle-eyed followers might look past the Dwarven beard and prosthetics to acknowledge him as Westworld‘s James Delos. The Delos household patriarch was the unique creator of the android-staffed theme park. Mullan’s terminally unwell Delos was decided to make use of the park to unlock the secrets and techniques of his personal immortality.

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