Could Jupiter’s Icy Moon Harbor Life?

Cynthia Phillips was mesmerized when she noticed the newest photos of her favourite moon. Here eventually was a contemporary have a look at Europa, an icy satellite tv for pc of Jupiter. The moon resembles a truffle drizzled haphazardly with strips of melted white chocolate, as if the universe had rushed to complete a baking-show … Read more

Nd isotope variation between the Earth–Moon system and enstatite chondrites

Burkhardt, C. et al. A nucleosynthetic origin for the Earth’s anomalous 142Nd composition. Nature 537, 394–398 (2016). ADS  CAS  PubMed  Article  Google Scholar  Bouvier, A. & Boyet, M. Primitive Solar System supplies and Earth share a typical preliminary 142Nd abundance. Nature 537, 399–402 (2016). ADS  CAS  PubMed  Article  Google Scholar  McLeod, C. L., Brandon, A. … Read more

SpaceX wants to save Hubble. NASA may be on board.

Pushing the falling Hubble Space Telescope into a better, extra secure orbit might lengthen its lifespan — and SpaceX needs to be the corporate to offer Hubble a brand new lease on life. The problem: Since launching in 1990, Hubble has revolutionized astronomy, offering scientists with observations which have dramatically modified our understanding of the … Read more

Internet Trolls Have Tormented Patrick Tomlinson for Years and He Can’t Stop Them

Four years in the past, Patrick Tomlinson tweeted out that he by no means discovered Saturday Night Live legend Norm Macdonald humorous. That largely innocuous sizzling take has since resulted in a yearslong mass harassment marketing campaign, culminating within the sci-fi writer receiving numerous dying threats and being on the receiving finish of a number … Read more

Fresh Exciting Images Reveal 10,000-Kilometre-Long Destruction Trail Left Behind from NASA’s DART Mission

NSF’s NOIRLab’s SOAR telescope captured the huge plume of mud and particles blasted from the floor of Dimorphos by NASA’s DART spacecraft (CTIO/NOIRLab/SOAR/NSF/AURA/T. Kareta, M. Knight, Image Processing: T.A. Rector/M. Zamani/D. de Martin) It has been virtually a fortnight since NASA’s doomsday-deterrent DART mission got down to kamikaze towards the Dimorphos asteroid, and scientists are … Read more