Megalodon could eat prey the size of entire killer whales — ScienceDaily

Megalodon, the biggest shark that ever lived, is legendary for its enormous, human-hand-sized tooth. However, there may be little fossil proof of its entire physique. International researchers in collaboration with UZH used an exceptionally preserved specimen to create a 3D laptop mannequin of its full physique. Their outcomes counsel that the megalodon might absolutely devour … Read more

Glowing fish are full of antifreeze to survive cold waters

The variegated snailfish is filled with naturally occurring antifreeze proteins at beforehand unseen ranges that assist it survive in subzero waters, in keeping with new analysis. The snailfish, referred to as Liparis gibbus, is additionally distinctive due to biofluorescence, which makes it glow in inexperienced and crimson. Study authors David Gruber and John Sparks, each … Read more

Former Crystal Lake man now a leader in keeping NASA astronauts safe during spaceflight – Shaw Local

At the age of 10, one former Crystal Lake boy watched a film along with his father that stirred in him a dream to work for NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. That imaginative and prescient, he stated, was additional illuminated by time he spent on the Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock. Today, 31-year-old … Read more

What The Webb Telescope Means For W.Va. Science, Education

Last month, NASA launched the primary pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope. Able to seize six occasions extra gentle than its predecessor, the Hubble, it’s the biggest and strongest observatory in house. Shepherd Snyder sat down with Shepherd University professor and astronomer Jason Best to debate what the telescope’s launch may imply for each … Read more

Rocket Lab will self-fund a mission to search for life in the clouds of Venus

Enlarge / An artist’s impression of Rocket Lab’s proposed mission to Venus. MDPI Aerospace/Rocket Lab Never let it’s mentioned that Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck lacks a flamboyant streak. Although his Electron launch car is among the smallest orbital rockets on the planet, Beck gleans each little bit of efficiency from the booster he can. … Read more

‘Cannibal’ coronal mass ejection from ‘dark plasma plume’ will slam into Earth tomorrow (Aug. 18)

A plume of “dark plasma” hurled from the solar will likely be engulfed to type a “cannibal” coronal mass ejection which is able to sideswipe the Earth on Thursday (Aug. 18), inflicting a powerful G3 geomagnetic storm. The “dark plasma explosion” was first noticed by photo voltaic observers on Sunday (Aug. 14) because it erupted … Read more

Russia aborts spacewalk after spacesuit problem

A Russian spacewalk outdoors the International Space Station (ISS) ended early immediately (Aug. 17) after a cosmonaut suffered an issue along with his go well with. Cosmonauts Oleg Artemyev and Denis Matveev ventured outdoors the orbiting lab immediately at 9:53 a.m. EDT (1353 GMT) to proceed booting up the European Robotic Arm, which arrived on … Read more