Humongous asteroid, almost the size of an airplane, hurtling towards Earth TODAY, know what NASA said

An asteroid named 2020 PT4, nearly the scale of an airplane, is about to method Earth at present – September 15, 2022. 2020 PT4 has a diameter of 37 metres and can make its closest method to Earth at a distance of 71,90,000 kilometres on Thursday, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory mentioned. 

As per NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), 2020 PT4 is transferring at a velocity of 10.85 kilometres per second. It has been categorised as a ‘Potentially Hazardous Asteroid’ due to th distance at which the asteroid will likely be making its closest method to our planet. 

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Here’s all the things you must find out about Asteroid 2020 PT4 

2020 PT4, an Apollo-class asteroid, a time period used for an object whose orbit crosses that of Earth, has an orbital interval of 734 days or 2 years. 

The final time asteroid 2020 PT4 made a detailed method to Earth was on September 8, 2020. The asteroid will likely be making its subsequent method to Earth on September 28, 2024. Other asteroids which can make a detailed method to Earth in September 2022 embody 2022 QD1, 2005 RX3, and 2022 QB37. 

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To monitor asteroids, NASA additionally has a NEO Observations Program which helps them not solely monitor but in addition document, monitor, and characterise near 90% of the NEOs (near-Earth objects) which are nearly 140 meters or bigger in dimension.

Near-Earth objects (NEO) is a typical title for numerous sorts of asteroids, meteoroids, and comets. According to the US area company NASA, an asteroid that’s smaller in dimension might be caught passing between Earth and Moon a number of instances a month.

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