Best Social Media Manager In New York.

There are many different social media managers in New York City. But if you’re looking for an experienced and reliable one, then check out this list: – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Bootcamp – Social media suite such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – Posting regularly on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, … Read more

Great Astronomical Observatories of the World

Article turns the subject of the great astronomical observatories of the world into a fascinating study with interesting tidbits about the various sites. From information on different types of telescopes to material on the different subjects of planetarium observations one will find this astronomy article interesting, informative, and easy to understand. The great observatories of … Read more

Special Relativity Lite

Scales of critical attacks and remarks addressing the well-known theory of special relativity have recently acquired so imposing a scope that it is right to speak about an approaching crisis. Gradually to an increasing number of scientists, the numerous imperfections of this theory and the dead state of the scientific methodology introduced by it become … Read more

7 Tips for Teaching Children Science

Getting kids interested in science at an early age is very important. It’s easier than you think. Science does not have to be something mysterious. It is happening all around us, and you can use everyday things to encourage your children’s interest and knowledge. Most parents believe that they can’t help their children with science. … Read more

Discoveries In Biotechnology

Biotechnology Timeline: Important Events And Discoveries In Biotechnology 1977: The Age of biotechnology arrives with “somatostatin” – a human growth hormone-releasing inhibitory factor, the first human protein manufactured in bacteria by Genentech, Inc. A synthetic, recombinant gene was used to clone a protein for the first time. 1978: Genentech, Inc. and The City of Hope … Read more

Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies?

Many people look to hydrogen fuel cells as the answer to our energy issues. The only problem, of course, is creating usable hydrogen. Chocolate production may be the answer. Chocolate – The Answer To Hydrogen Fuel Supplies? Mention hydrogen as a fuel source and politicians, scientists and techies get that glassed over look in their … Read more

Big Bang Booming – Back To The Future

Theoretical cosmologists spend much of their time perfecting what is now known as the ‘Big Bang’ theory. This concept originates from ideas percolating in the minds of scientists, theologians and astronomers down through the ages. However, much of what they consider as proof for the ‘Big Bang’ is dependent upon uncontrolled experimentation that is molded … Read more

Alternative Energy And The Need For A Proper Storage Technology

A number of energy storage technologies have been developed or are under development for electric power applications, including: Pumped hydropower Compressed air energy storage (CAES) Batteries Flywheels Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) Super-capacitors This is the future that we can safely anticipate, especially when there is a rapid depletion of other energy resources. Of course, … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is 50 years old

Artificial Intelligence as a research field was born in the summer of 1956 during a seminal workshop at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. It was just a year before that when Marvin Minsky, Nathaniel Rochester, Claude Shannon and John McCarthy proposed that they should hold a workshop to put together a roadmap about how … Read more