No, That Mysterious Fireball That Lit up the Night Sky Wasn’t Space Junk

An unusually vivid, long-lasting fireball blazed a path throughout the skies over Ireland and Scotland Wednesday evening, prompting many to marvel in the event that they have been witnessing the demise of a SpaceX Starlink satellite tv for pc within the environment. Now specialists say it was only a small chunk of an asteroid.

The International Meteor Organization, or IMO, received deluged with practically 1,200 experiences of fireball sightings from throughout the UK at 9:58 p.m. British Summer Time on Wednesday. The scorching object burned with a vivid, greenish-white hue for greater than 20 seconds.

Initially, knowledge from the UK Meteor Network of 172 sky cameras advised it may need been a de-orbiting Starlink satellite tv for pc. 


But a test of the positions of Starlinks and different identified area junk revealed nothing synthetic may account for what turned to toast over the UK at the moment. 


“This impressive event was associated to the atmospheric entry of a meteoroid coming from the inner parts of the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, according to UK Meteor Network analysis,” reads a weblog publish from the IMO on Thursday. “The object entered the atmosphere at 14 kilometers per second (31,317 miles per hour) velocity, which is much too high for a space junk, satellite or rocket stage reentry, proving its extraterrestrial nature.”

The fireball traveled virtually 300 kilometers (186 miles) whereas it was seen, passing over components of Wales and Belfast in Northern Ireland. Any remaining meteorites virtually actually fell within the Atlantic Ocean. 


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