Oke Oka Jeevitham (Kanam) Movie Review: A well-written and executed sci-fi drama with a soulful climax


A peculiar function of this time-travel sci-fi drama (it’s a drama within the sense {that a} myriad of feelings are the bedrock of its story) is that it would not shrink back from changing into a feel-good film greater than an eventful script within the first hour. Its first main try at providing a component that was not seen within the trailer of the movie comes on the interval. And when it comes, we discover the primary characters encountering a useless finish. The decision would not occur by way of typical plot units or standard-fare concepts. The climax is written to justify the movie’s central message, which is rooted in a barely philosophical worldview and which may’t be revealed with out giving freely a serious spoiler. 

You can say, with some caveats, that the movie shouldn’t be about three principal characters, however six of them. Aadhi (Sharwanand, as an aspiring musician who lives in a denial about his stage worry), Chaitanya (Priyadarshi, as a groom-to-be who’s a prisoner of his excessive expectations in life) and Seenu (Vennela Kishore, as a rental agent who feels individuals name him a dealer as an insult) aren’t the one ones driving the story ahead. Their youthful variations, too, have as a lot say in how the state of affairs at hand goes from unhealthy to worse. This is the place ‘Oke Oka Jeevitham’ defies standard expectations from a time-travel movie.  

While the movie would not provide magical surrealism (it ought to have), its themes make up for the shortcoming. When the three mates need to cope with their youthful selves, the theme that performs out is a commentary on the lives of a whole lot of us: it’s as if Chaitanya and Seenu are venting out their frustrations at their youthful selves for the flawed selections they made. In a number of the moments, the movie assumes a generic flavour. The writing division eschews the temptation of tacky humour.

The dramatic progressions are attended by songs set to montages. Jakes Bejoy’s melodies, deepened by the dramatic flip of occasions in Aadhi’s life, make for a pleasing expertise. ‘Maaripoye’ is a track that captures the quirks of the unreal nature of the story. 

The time machine, the “key to immortality”, turns into a centerpiece in just a few scenes. The unwise curiosity of a set of characters results in a brand new set of issues. How the worsening of the state of affairs for the important thing gamers impacts their lives is narrated at a leisurely tempo. 

Even when the movie turns melodramatic in an unapologetic method, even when the pacing points crop up, and even when some coincidences are handed off as works of future, you do not need to complain a lot. It’s since you purchase into the flawed characters: Chaitanya’s imperfections, Seenu’s self-pitying nature, and Aadhi’s slice-of-life imperfections make the movie intimate (it ought to have been a extra private movie, although). 

Nasser performs a scientist who has been affected by a failed mission for many years. Amala Akkineni as Aadhi’s mom is good in each scene; her strategy to the position is devoid of over-the-top appearing that a whole lot of onscreen moms have come to throw on the viewers. Her scenes with Sharwanand may have been extra touching, although. 

The manufacturing values are spectacular, with Sujith Sarang’s cinematography being constant.

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Oke Oka Jeevitham Movie Rating

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