How to Catch the Draconid Meteor Shower as Fire Returns to the Skies This Month

The Perseids in August could be the most well-known meteor bathe of the yr, however October is a sleeper season for taking pictures star sensations that simply would possibly produce extra complete meteors on stability over the complete month.  Major meteor showers just like the Orionids and the Taurids are lively, however up first it … Read more

NASA’s DART smash created asteroid debris tail more than 10,000 kilometres long

Last month NASA smashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to see if it could change course. Key factors: New pictures present the humungous tail created by NASA’s DART asteroid smash  It might be weeks till scientists verify if the asteroid’s orbit has been modified  The mission’s goal was to find out if scientists may save Earth from … Read more

What Caused This T. Rex’s Strange Skull Injuries?

The Tyrannosaurus rex on the Chicago Field Museum, affectionately often known as “Sue,” ranks among the many largest and best-preserved specimens of T. Rex on this planet. That mentioned, the fossilized dinosaur is way from flawless. In reality, the 67-million-year-old specimen has a number of unusual holes in its jaw, and scientists have lengthy puzzled why. … Read more

Physicists share Nobel Prize for work on quantum science

Three scientists collectively received this 12 months’s Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for proving that tiny particles may retain a reference to one another even when separated, a phenomenon as soon as doubted however now being explored for potential real-world purposes reminiscent of encrypting data. Frenchman Alain Aspect, American John F. Clauser and Austrian Anton … Read more

Incoming natural sciences faculty bring expertise in probability theory, genetics, fluid dynamics > News > USC Dornsife

Four professors carry recent scholarship and new views to USC Dornsife. Matthew Pennell (backside) and Pranaya Javanti (prime) are two of the brand new pure sciences school becoming a member of USC Dornsife. (Composite: Letty Avila. Photos: Courtesy of Pennell and Javanti.) Meet the brand new group of college members becoming a member of the … Read more

End of the war no longer science fiction

The failure of the Russian armed forces within the Kharkiv area is prone to have far-reaching penalties for the result of the warfare. Defense analyst Konrad Muzyka identifies the Russian errors and long-term deficiencies. We entered the third section of the warfare, the place Kyiv has the initiative. It is now not science fiction to … Read more

Explorers of Quantum Entanglement Win 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics

This yr’s Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded in equal elements to Alain Aspect of the University of Paris–Saclay, John F. Clauser of J. F. Clauser & Associates and Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna for his or her pathfinding work in quantum mechanics and quantum data science. Working independently, every of the three researchers solid … Read more