‘The Matrix’ theory changes the meaning of a sci-fi classic

Since the primary Matrix movie got here out in 1999, many theories surrounding its world have sprung up. After all, every of the 4 movies is suffering from philosophy and social commentary that aren’t essentially specific upon first watching them. As such, The Matrix universe is one which budding lay teachers can get their tooth into.

Some fascinating theories surrounding The Matrix embrace the true world truly being one other a part of the Matrix, Agent Smith being The One, humanity willingly coming into the Matrix, and Morpheus being a villain. Hell, generally we’ve even introduced different franchises and films into the fray, together with John WickDonnie Darko and Star Wars.

A brand new concept has lately surfaced Online, with a Reddit consumer claiming that the machines could have truly had good intentions for humanity. The thought begins by noting {that a} widespread perception of why the machines want people in any respect – as a result of their brains present power and, subsequently, energy – has flaws. Apparently, if this have been the case, then the machines wouldn’t be utilizing people; they’d use parrots as a substitute.

According to the consumer, the brains of people have 30 instances the quantity of neurons because the brains of macaws. However, they’re additionally 70 instances as giant, and the human physique can also be 60 instances as giant as that of a macaw. That would imply that you’d be capable to fill one human-sized pod with 60 parrots, thus offering a far greater yield of power per pod.

The concept goes on to posit that following the warfare between the machines and the people – as proven in The Animatrix – two separate factions of machines shaped as they didn’t agree on what needs to be executed with the people. One faction needed to take revenge on people for his or her earlier barbaric therapy and kill all of them; the opposite empathetically wished to maintain them round, a minimum of in some respect.

The machines did maintain people round, as we all know. Hence, the idea means that the machines had some type of good intentions, analogous to a shepherd being in favour of culling wolves in order to guard his sheep, however not wiping them out utterly, as that will be ‘immoral’. It’s a captivating concept that throws again into query the character of synthetic intelligence’s morality.

In addition to this, the Matrix prices extra power than people are able to offering, which solely furthers the notion that there’s a minimum of some type of machine benevolence at play. The concept concludes that the machines created a “wildlife preserve”, the place people might reside a cheerful life – albeit a false one – the place they don’t pose a menace to the machines in the true world.

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