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Space Campsites on Throwing Dude Planets – Join TDSC Waitlist

TORONTO, Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — an modern new PFP NFT known as Throwing Dude Space Camp (TDSC) is launching within the Fall or Winter 2023. 10,000 NFTs can be accessible.  TDSC options subsequent degree artwork, astonishing rarity, and a ground-breaking street map. Click right here to affix the waitlist.

Gyro Plasmic (pseudonym), Founder of TDSC says; “last year I was experimenting with Digital art and ended up creating a dude throwing environment in a significant number of different locations. I pondered the vastness of all this and believed we could create 10,000 Throwing Dudes as profile avatar NFTs to contribute to this vastness.  We later named these planets. This helped ignite the spark to create Throwing Dude Space Camp.  As TDSC unfolds, we will share the Digital planet campsite and horizon art from the TDSC planets”

Planet Names with Pronunciations

Here are the present Throwing Dude Space Camp planet names: Aieryon 001 (airie-on-zero-zero-one); Bluerik Nine (Blue-rick-Nine); Brara T76 (Brara-T-7-6); Burn CZ8 (Burn-C-Z-8); Chayntu (chian-two); Cryboltia (cry-bolt-ya); Drystagua (dry-stag-you-a); Darmonica (dar-monica); Diamax 5 (Dia-max-five); Egroth (Ea-groth); Frozzuvious (Froze-zoo-vious); Gnanoworp (g-nano-worp); Gochasand (gotcha-sand); Granvatune (grava-tune); Grenipee (gren-i-pea); Hailongitha (Hail-ongitha); Harshdonus (harsh-don-us); Iapeace (i-a-peace); Icarro (i-car-ro); Ignitania (ig-nee-tan-ya); Jafire VW5 (Ja-fire V-W-5); Kapkhar (Kap-cár); Kutteir     (Kut-yeah); Larth 7N6 (Larth 7-N-6); Limetro (Lime-tro); Loyatrix (Loya-trix); Lulmagia (Lul-majia); Metahive 2 (meta-hive-2); Moondratis (moon-dratis); Nagwove (Nag-wove); Ogritter (O-gritter); Onguttia (On-gut-te-a); Oozuma (oo-zooma); Petustar (pet-u-star); Quayzarc (quay-zark); Sailitte V7Z (sail-itte-V-7-Z); Seatania (Sea-tanya); Seron 33 (Sir-on-thirty-three); Shocluk QX9 (shock-luck-Q-X-9); Snotanya (snow-tan-ya); Spark Q35 (spark-Q-3-5); Spikerila (spike-rilla); Thronerya (Throne-ree-ya); Tronaboo (Tron-a-boo); Tworia (twar-ee-a); Undemia (un-dem-ee-a); Vinroma (vin-roma); Vozorth (vo-zarth); Vaxle (vaxelle); Wandiloud (wandee-loud); Xenumia (X-enoom-ee-a); Xevaclite (X-eva-clite); Xowhale (Xoo-whale); Yopraux (Yo-pro); Zalarruta (zal-are-ruta); Zeromp WX (zer-omp W-X); and Zapwa (zap-wa)

Long Term Orientation Towards Roadmap

We are in it for the lengthy haul and as TDCS will get resourced via income, we plan to introduce many advantages to the Throwing Dude Space Camp membership, which can doubtlessly embrace: our full planet artwork reveal, unique member merchandise, house tenting competition beneath our aurora borealis, launch of house camp music anthem and extra.

Dudes Arriving Soon

Click right here to affix the Throwing Dude’s waitlist.

Throwing Dude Space Camp (TDSC) is owned and operated by QaQaQ Inc.

Contact Beau Starry at 650-308-4349 or [email protected]  

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