University of Alabama research probes origin of life on Earth

Sep 21, 2022; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Professor Alberto Perez-Huerta, who holds Ph.D. and specializes in biomineralization studies crystals at the nanometer scale using the Local Electro Atom Probe at the University of Alabama.

A University of Alabama professor specializing within the esoteric discipline of biomineralization has found a approach to show the timing of the early origins of life on Earth and presumably, within the years to return when rock samples are returned from Mars, to find out if life was current on the crimson planet.

Professor Alberto Perez-Huerta, a Ph.D. holder from the University of Oregon and who accomplished post-doctoral work on the University of Glasgow in Scotland, found a approach to make use of a really particular instrument, a Local Electro Atom Probe, or LEAP for brief, to research a selected mineral in historical rock that would solely have been generated by a dwelling bacterial organism. His analysis lays a basis upon which different scientists can construct extra correct theories about youth on Earth.

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